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Soul Connection: Being Essence

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

I’m trying to discipline myself to do more "nothing" — not an easy assignment. We’ve lost the fine art of being essence. Our imbalanced society applauds action and accomplishment. Aside from lounging on holidays/vacations, we better not be caught idling — how unproductive! Why do we give such clout to doing when nature demonstrates so much beingness? Relaxation’s intangible gifts can’t compete with the significance we’ve placed on the substance of doing.

Typically we ask, "What did you do today?" rather than "How is your being today?" Our egos are so identified with external activities that we don’t know how to recognize essence. It requires "down time" to register who we are at an elemental level. Although unformed and nubilous, the essential self needs as much attention as our doing self.

I usually feel guilty when doing nothing. Nervously looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is watching , I don’t want to get caught being lazy. Even the Masters might judge me for slacking off on my commitment to their work.

My reaction to the speed of the heightened vibrations accelerating our process, evoking a sense of urgency, is to hurry up and get more done. I feel compelled to meet this momentous time with increased action — which leads to overwhelming busyness. My clients also feel pressed to figure out what to do in the face of this onslaught of propelling evolutionary forces. It’s counterintuitive to respond to this mighty birth push by doing nothing — just being. Yet the Masters smile when I release the constant pressure to execute my end of the collaboration. They remind me that being itself, without doing, is a great contribution to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan on earth.

Life unfolds in cycles — day into night, winter into spring. Yet we disallow the cycle of being into doing into being. After a precious moment of nuzzling with my husband and the animals in the morning, I spring out of bed and charge into doing — not stopping until my head hits the pillow at night. Are we only allowed "being time" when sleeping? What a shame to miss delicious experiences of essence because they’re relegated to the wilds of the unconscious. Evolution requires us to consciously experience our essence.

Who has the time to just be? Cramming in as much as possible, we’re already afraid there won’t be enough time to fulfill our responsibilities and desires. To spare the time to just space out seems like a waste because we don’t value its intangible benefits. We underestimate the powerful cultivation of essence that occurs when we nestle into sweet unfocused nothing. Being in essence passively gathers the life force required to effectively propel the soul.

Taoist sages, masters of balance, teach that yang (active) energy springs from yin (the ocean of being). Whatever we wish to accomplish can only be issued from the Well of Essence. We literally gather energy when bathing in beingness by experiencing essence which then magnetizes more essence — building until ready to be issued forth.

What would it be like if we gave ourselves daily permission to experience the incredible productivity (if we insist on being productive) of luxuriating in essence without impatience, fear, guilt? Usually we postpone "being" until retirement. But the psyche’s needs can’t be deferred for years without paying a price.

Being in essence not only reduces stress but regenerates the soul in the sustaining resources of Universal energy that holds the promise of our destiny fulfilled. Essence contains unmanifested archetypes that create the infrastructure of this lifetime’s journey. It holds the Chalice of Peace that nourishes our right to just exist without having to prove ourselves, do something to earn it, be more than we are. Our exhausted souls, burned out from overriding the crucial need for yin time, rejoice as the Pulse of Being embraces us with waves of essence. We need to trust the natural cycle of ebb/flow. There’s no need to fear stagnation if we allocate enough re-quiescence to catalyze vital yang energy — primed to upspring from a well-established platform of yin.

The dogged insistence to make the most out of every minute, armed with an endless list of tasks, over amps the psyche with excessive yang energy. We may need to go into yin space for a long time. Otherwise doing will feel like an unproductive spinning of our wheels that benumbs us to the deeper sensations of the soul. Productivity levels of completing the day’s blizzard of activities may satisfy the ego but leave the soul untouched and hungry for true intimacy with the Root of Life.

If we don’t embrace beingness, the unconscious may create accidents/illness that stop the whirlwind of activity and render us temporarily motionless. While disorienting and frustrating to our "doing" ego, this passage of passivity is crucial to the soul’s development. Sometimes delicate pregnancies require the mother to be still for several weeks before delivery to contain energy for the fetus. We, too, need to periodically rest from life’s deeds and allow our yin energy to gestate and nourish hidden internal places readying for birth. We must trust the urge to "stop the world and get off" and not fight our soul’s hunger for suspension.

Stretches of beingness yield incredible efficiency when doing. It takes a lot of loafing to attain major accomplishments. We may have to bask in beingness for days, months, even years and bow to the Higher Intelligence that knows the being/doing balance point far more clearly than our lower mind/ego.

Fears of being lazy, stuck , stagnant, irresponsible or not fulfilling my mission have enslaved me to the Wheel of Doing. Worries of life passing me by ironically manifest when I don’t take time to smell the roses. Learning to trust the Mystery of Being Essence and fill with its wonderment lifts me out of time/space into eternity where all is well. I am filled with peace.

The Tibetan radiates resplendent beingness to demonstrate the fulfillment of his mission simply through profound emanations of Love. He teaches:

"Essence is the source of all creation. Its potency is unparalleled. Yet many people ignore the need to embrace beingness because they don’t understand its crucial impact on the soul’s evolution. To give self permission for intermission — doing nothing — requires a trust in his/her unconditional right to exist, knowing that all is provided during times of complete surrender to beingness. The readiness to carry one’s soul agenda into action comes only after fully absorbing the experience of essence. This demonstrates true RECEPTIVITY to self’s birthright which enhances an understanding of the workings of the Divine Plan. No longer distracted by the dynamics of doing/becoming, students are free to explore eternal essence and appreciate the weave of its golden thread through all incarnations. Dedicated quiet moments to assimilate self’s existence honor the soul’s journey.

"The in/out breath of Cosmic Flow demonstrates the exquisite balance between being/ doing. Being essence expresses the in-breath of life. The impact of excessive doing, with minimal placidity, is as absurd as only exhaling most of the time. Allocate 50% of self’s experience to the in breath — receiving, absorbing, filling. Otherwise, overdoing creates shallow breathing/shortness of breath because self is afraid to make contact with deep inner levels only accessible through being.

"When students don’t make the time, focus, commitment to touch into profound essence, they feel disconnected from their core. Then it becomes frightening to yield into essence because neglect of the inner self results in accumulated unresolved wounds and false beliefs. When finally devoting time to just be, self is often shocked to experience an upsurge of painful emotions/thoughts/physical sensations — precious parts of the soul overlooked when one is distracted by so much doing. This insistent material has been waiting for "down time" in order to surface. Then, overwhelmed by the painful discovery of afflictions floating in one’s essence needing healing/transmutation, self backslides into doing in order to fix it!

"The willingness to unconditionally reside in essence and accept the raw issues contained therein initiates a powerful healing force divinely designed to transmute toxins into Golden Light. Sadly students abort this process because they put more trust into doing/mending than into the power of being and its extraordinary healing attributes. Afraid to see a disastrous reflection in essence’s mirror, it seems less injurious to avoid the inner gaze through activity’s diversion. Ironically, this postpones/prolongs the soul’s inevitable assignments and forfeits the supremely healing safety zone of essence.

"People often resist beingness because they equate it with an unbearable emptiness. Although there’s a temporary voiding of all doing, ultimately being essence provides a FULLNESS unparalleled by even the most fruitful accomplishments. Without ample beingness, doing will feel hollow — yes, empty — because availability of essence is reduced to a mere trickle of energy. It is essence that fills every experience of doing with meaning and satisfaction.

"Daily join the Masters and Angels in the Cosmic Hot Tub where all luxuriate in the heavenliness of simply Being. Regain the trust of the magical child who knows that Beingness itself is guarantee of one’s spiritual purpose. To rejoice in Essence fills self with a true experience of Connection to All That Is where the soul swells with amplitude and merges with the Totality."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines tools of depth astrology and dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s soul perspective. She specializes in phone sessions for individuals and couples and offers group seminar intensives through The School of the Golden Discs, in Colrain, MA. She is author of Earth School and Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-624-9606, moriah@transformationaltimes.com. Visit her web site: www.transformationaltimes.com

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