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Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home To Yourself

by Donna DeNomme

Open To Possibilities!

“Making choices is the most powerful thing that you do in your life.

Choices liberate and they imprison. They create illness and they create health.

They shape your life… Each choice creates a future. It brings into being one

of the many possible futures. That is the future you will live in.” —GARY ZUKOV SOUL STORIES

Your most evolved self is “calling you.” It is beckoning you to become all that you can be. There is no one specific role or destiny you must live out, but rather a vast array of potential possibilities for you to explore and express your true self. While your innermost core pushes you to gift the world with your unique talents, you alone guide your path, because you have the freedom to choose what direction that expression takes. We all need your contribution. What you have to offer is not exactly like anyone else’s part. As puzzle pieces connect to form a beautiful image, many souls unite for the good of our planetary evolution. What would life be like if you lived from this inner core connection, living your potential moment by moment? What if your thoughts, words, and actions were conscious ones, embracing the life you were given and living it fully? Life is such an incredible opportunity to bring forth your greatest creation. Be delighted to share yourself with the world. Be invested in how you are living your life and make adjustments when necessary to remain aligned with your true expression.

Every moment has significance. Every contribution affects the whole. Sometimes we fear failure, but other times we fear success. More often than you might think, people will sabotage their accomplishments right before they come to fruition. Have you ever observed someone who worked for years towards a goal and then, just before achieving it, suddenly switched directions and missed the mark? In the field of physical and personal healing, this shows up when someone is not ready for the healing. Perhaps there is still a nuance to be experienced or a lesson to be learned. Succeeding may also make us visible in a way we fear. We are out there, vulnerable in the sharing of our innermost self.

Why were we born?

We are here on this earth

to experience the fullness,

the sweetness of life

with all it has to offer.

Imagine the possibilities!

Right now,

regardless of what is or is not

happening in your life,

where could you go from here?

Develop a faith in yourself that urges you to step out in ways your inner being longs to express. Experiment; take a chance. What have you got to lose? Explore new ideas. Pursue your dreams. When all is said and done, do you want to come to the end of your life with doubts about what is still undone? Doubts about the parts not yet lived? Or would you rather live life with zest and participation, choosing your focus consciously and knowing that whatever the outcome, your life was your own - you did it your way!

Awaken with the promise of each day, as you recognize the true gift of life and your potential for unwrapping the many layers of who you are and what you have to experience. Enrich your relationships as you authentically interact, sharing the expression of your inner beauty. Be fully alive! Savor this human existence and by doing so you will elevate it to even more of what it can be.

Practical Wisdom to Awaken a Masterful Life!

Donna DeNomme is a role model for using life challenges as oppor­tunities to propel oneself into an extraordinary life. Coming from a background of brutal sexual abuse, which led to rebellious adolescent gang affiliation, single motherhood, and state welfare, Donna knew firsthand how self-defeating life can be... Somehow, along the way, she discovered Turtle Wisdom… and that we carry the resources, knowledge, and abilities that we need within us.

Donna is a conscious energy teacher, licensed spiritual coach, teacher, and ceremonial leader. She has a degree in Human Development and Families Studies from Cornell University, an advanced certification in Spiritual Coaching, and many years training in alternative therapies and indigenous healing studies. She has served clients and students with their healing, life enrichment, and spiritual development since 1987.

Donna is also a National Motivational Speaker who offers author events and spiritual retreats. She is the author of the award-winning Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself which is now being published in several countries. For more information or to order Turtle Wisdom, visit www.inlightenedsource.com

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