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BOOKS (Alphabetically by Author)

Nov/Dec 2021

The Current Is Only But A Moment
By Pamela Alois

March Baby Media
Book, 109 Pages, $15.95, Soft Cover
ISBN: 9788728007098

The Current is Only but a Moment is a self-designed approach to finding peace and calm through mindfulness in nature. Pamela shares a visual journal of presence and inner awareness and reminds us of the importance to regulate, shift, and align our thoughts and actions with that of upward intention. Each photograph is matched with a caption, mindfulness contemplation on the photo, and a reflection statement that can be used as an affirmation if readers so choose. The inspiring content of this book encourages us to slow down and recognize where we are from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. Regardless of events and emotions taking place in our environments and inside of us, the passages in this book enable us to seize our power in the moment. Read an excerpt online at wisdom-magazine.com!

May/Jun 2022

That Other God
By David Richard Beasley

Davus Publishing
Book, 336 Pages, Soft Cover, $25 + $10 Postage
ISBN: 978-0-915317-02-8

An American poet and mystic sets out with single-minded determination to unite the peoples of the earth through meditation, telepathy, and the collective subconscious and to bring them to the knowledge of the one true God of humanity. He finds unlikely help from an English artist, a Turkish dervish and an Austrian governmental bureaucrat. For a time, the mystic and his friends succeed, and the world knows peace and spiritual joy until the failings of human nature undo the promise. The reader is challenged to question what lies at the core of the spiritual degeneration of our time. Order by mail at 7-190 Argyle St, Simcoe, ON N3Y 0C1, Canada

Nov/Dec 2021

Revelations From The Source
By Barbara Hand Clow

Bear & Company
Book, 352 Pages, $18, Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781591434313

With the Age of Aquarius dawning, six friends connected by ancient wisdom, spiritual revelation, past lives, and sexual alchemy discover the connections between seemingly disconnected events—environmental collapse, schisms in the Catholic Church, the refugee crisis, political breakdown, and the Covid-19 pandemic. The novel offers readers a nine-dimensional initiation encoded in visionary fiction

Nov/Dec 2021

By deep

Mountain Arbor Press
Soft Cover Book, 250 pages, $16.99  
Audio Book, 2 hrs., 2 mins., $6.08
ISBN-13: 9781665302517


A collection of poems, essays, and short stories that introduce the concept of innocence as a subjective and objective experience.  A trance that never fades away. A vibe that ushers forth emotional intuition.  innocence is the essence of who we are before, during, and after our interaction with the world and its numerous vortexes.   innocence is the vulnerable part of ourselves that is a constant just like the experience of change.   Everything changes in life except for change & innocence.  In every eon, there is Deep that shines darkness and light back into the prism that is our existence.

Jul/Aug 2021

The King in Orange
By John Michael Greer

Inner Traditions
Book, 208 pages, $16.99. Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781644112588

Greer convincingly shows how two competing schools of magic were led to contend for the presidency in 2016 and details the magical war that took place behind the scenes of the campaign. Through the influence of a number of occult forces, from Julius Evola to chaos magicians as well as the cult of positive thinking, Greer shows that the main contenders in this magical war were the status quo magical state—as defined by the late scholar Ioan Couliano—which has repurposed the “manipulative magic” techniques of the Renaissance magi into the subliminal techniques of modern advertising, and an older, deeper, and less reasonable form of magic—the “magic of the excluded”—which was employed by chaos magicians and alt-right internet wizards, whose desires coalesced in the form of a frog avatar that led the assault against the world we knew.

Mar/Apr 2022

Becoming Medicine: Pathways of Initiation into a Living Spirituality
By David R. Kopacz, MD & Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)
Condor & Eagle Press
Book,  534 pages, Soft Cover, Price: 2 editions: $25 for B&W; $75 for Art Medicine Edition (over 60 color artworks & photos)
ISBN:  B&W 978-1-7342800-1-2;
Art Medicine: 978-1-7342800-3-6

Becoming Medicine is the second collaboration of holistic psychiatrist, David Kopacz & Native American Visionary, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), with a foreword by Lewis Mehl-Madrona. It is a journey of heroism & healing through seeking, finding/receiving wisdom, and giving back to the world. Drawing on their own stories, as well as those of contemporary & ancient mystics, visionaries, and shamans, this book plots out a course of initiation into a living spirituality where we become the medicine that our world so desperately needs. Available in standard, B&W edition, and full color Art Medicine edition with 60 photos & paintings.

Jul/Aug 2022

Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging
By Cait Johnson
Destiny Books
164 pages, Soft Cover, $16.99
 ISBN: 9781644114773
You are invited into the magical world of four loving, feisty old witches, one for each season, who share earth-honoring wisdom to help you embrace your journey through the sacred latter half of life. Each witch also shares magical recipes, inspiring rituals, playful activities, and meaningful meditations to help you love yourself through the aging process.

Sep/Oct 2021

The Poison Path Herbal
By Coby Michael
Park Street Press
Book, 256 pages, Soft Cover, $19.99
ISBN: 9781644113349 

Part grimoire and part herbal formulary, this guide to the Poison Path of occult herbalism shares history, lore, and practical information regarding the use of poisonous, consciousness-altering, and magical plants. Author Coby Michael explains how to work with baneful herbs through rituals and spells, as plant spirit familiars, as potent medicines, and as visionary substances.

Nov/Dec 2021

A Force Of Light
By Marina Petro
Book, 190 Pages, $18.99, Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781098375157

In July of 1977, author Marina Petro discovered she was psychic. She experienced explosions of light and episodes of intense energies throughout her body. After these episodes, she emerged with newfound spiritual knowledge given to her by higher beings. “A Force of Light: To Illuminate Your Journey” was telepathically transmitted to Petro from 1986–1991 by an unseen intelligence that referred to itself as an emissary for the Divine Source…A Force Of Light. Each page is filled with wisdom, succinct guidance, spiritual teachings, healing, and prophecy for a new understanding of life as you know it. This book will awaken and illuminate your mind, heart, spirit, and consciousness. Read an excerpt online at wisdom-magazine.com!

Mar/Apr 2022

Becoming Who You Are: Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Life & Lessons for Children Ages 10-100
By Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) & David R. Kopacz, MD
Condor & Eagle Press
Book, 146 pages ( 50+ color artworks and photos),
Soft Cover, $20
ISBN: 978-1-7342800-2-9

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) tells us, “Let’s not leave the next generations in so much mystery about the physical and spiritual worlds - let’s educate them from the beginning about the way of the shaman.” From his childhood at the Southern Ute Reservation and Picuris Pueblo, to his recognition by the United Nations for building Sound Peace Chambers around the world, Joseph shares his wisdom through co-author David Kopacz. Joseph realized that at boarding school they were trying to make American kids out of Indian kids, now, he is “trying to make Indian kids out of American kids.”

Jan/Feb 2022

Empath Activation Cards
By Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, Ph.D.

Bear & Company
Includes 44 full-color cards and 224-page soft cover book, $30
ISBN: 9781591434177

Presenting high-vibration messages, these oracle cards act as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence, helping you in the next steps of your soul purpose. The guidebook explains the meaning and message of each card and includes a ritual activity to help you engage more deeply and experientially with the message.

Mar/Apr 2022

The Path of Elemental Witchcraft
By Salicrow 

Destiny Books
Book, 576 Pages, Soft Cover, $24.99 
ISBN: 9781644113363

Inviting you into her personal Book of Shadows, Salicrow details hands-on techniques, spells, and rituals for elemental witchcraft paired with personal stories from her decades of magical practice. She explores working with each element in different ways—such as divination, healing, protection, and manifestation—and helps you progressively develop the skills of witchcraft.

Jul/Aug 2021

We Thought You Would Never Ask - Finding Balance and Sanctuary in the Aquarian Age: A Transcript of Angelic Guidance
By B. E. Schlubach

RQM Press
Book, 284 pages, $16.99, Soft Cover
ISBN 978-0578-79715-1
https://rqmpress.com/ and www.amazon.com

This lively spiritual autobiography traces the author’s growing discovery of her ability to channel divine guidance. Through her correspondence with benevolent, unseen beings, the author receives comfort, answers, healing, and solutions for her pain and bewilderment. Transcribed from the author’s diary entries, this triad of human, spirit guide and angelic “voices” weaves a poignant, humorously human tapestry into an Aquarian Age primer of authentic experience. These miraculous exchanges also provide readers with a template and vivid, real-time examples of how to invite and practice the channeling, wisdom, and shifts for themselves. No one can read this book and remain unchanged!

Jul/Aug 2022

Spirit Speaks Within You: The Awakening  Guide To Tap Intuition, Gain Validation 
And Increase Healing
By  Kelle Sutliff
Global Wellness Media
Book, 147 Pages, Soft Cover, $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-957343-03-7
What if you could open and use  your own direct line of divine communication? Spirit speaks within you everyday and this book explains how to open and work with in this connection. It is one of the holist, and whole parts of your soul; it is one of the most often forgotten. Through stories, revelations and wisdom, Kelle Sutliff Psychic Medium will inspire you to to tune in and listen to your new intuitive voice and stop mixing fear into your daily life. “Spirit Speaks Within You” has become an International Best Seller and has won two very prestigious book awards “Mom’s Choice” and “ Book Excellence Awards” in their  Mind Body and Spirit categories. Kelle Sutliff is a Psychic Medium and Psychic Investigator and reads for clients all over the world for over eighteen years. Read an excerpt from the book online at www.wisdom-magazine.com!



Artists: Haleya Priest & Thom Levy

CD, 40 Mins., From $8.98 CD


This guided meditation was created to help people go into the deepest possible connection and resonance with the Angelic realm. Together Haleya and Thom weave a tapestry of words and music in tune with the higher dimensions. You will be guided through a mystical forest to a magical pond and then up to the Angelic Realm where you’ll receive a healing from an Angelic guide and several Archangels. There they will clear your chakras and help restore you to health and well-being, while helping release past life karma and restore your sacred grid. It is a sacred healing passage that you can experience again and again to deepen you sense well being and wholeness.


EMBRACE YOUR EMOTIONS AS YOUR ALLIES: A Personal Development Experiential
By Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive

Self-published, CD, 30 minutes, $14.00
ISBN CD:  884501817189

Internationally recognized Medical Intuitive Sue Singleton’s warm and engaging techniques empower people to embrace their emotions as allies instead of conflicted enemies. What if you could harness the unique hidden gifts of your emotions and put them to work helping you? Imagine the new sense of freedom, joy, inner peace and confidence this would bring to your life! Sue shows you how to do this, in a transformative experiential that includes instructions, examples and exercises. The meditative exercises are accompanied by soothing sounds of evening peepers and bird songs. Sue Singleton’s techniques create true emotional alchemical changes.

By Ellen Sypowicz and Lou Gilio
CD,  $17.95 (includes shipping and handling)

What they’re saying about Many Blessings: 
”The ethereal artistry of Many Blessings… takes you on a deeply spiritual interior journey. The lyrics of the songs range from sublimely beautiful to cleverly humorous. Singer-songwriters Ellen Sypowicz and Lou Gilio perform with sensitivity and passion. This CD celebrates the inherent divinity of the individual while awakening the listener to the truth… we are One.” - CG
”Ellen’s amazing voice and Ellen and Monty’s holy guitar sounds transfer us to another place… heaven. Lou’s harmonies vibrate in a majestic way mixed with a variety of new age sounds beginning with the ‘eternal OM’ and ending with the sound of the Crystal Bowl. They not only aim at the heart but the soul of us all.”  - LM

By Bernadette Yao
CD, 61 minutes
$20.00 CD
$9.99 Digital Download

Calming, relaxing one hour of ambient music designed to create a gentle atmosphere of caring and healing. With a soothing flow of beautiful melodic harmonies, this album creates a space of peace and compassion for the listener.  Music composed by a certified energy healer (Reiki, Brennan Healing Science). 1 hour of ambient instrumentals, quiet, deeply healing, gently providing a healing template for relaxation, meditation, pain reduction, coming back to authentic self, connecting to Divine Source, and remembering the Sacred.  Useful for preparing for (and during) surgery to aid in the healing process.  Listen to a sample at www.bernadetteyao.com/music

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