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BOOKS (Alphabetically by Author)

May/Jun 2021

The Divine Feminine Tao Te Ching
Translation and Commentary by Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D.
Inner Traditions
Book, 160 pages, Soft Cover, $16.99
ISBN: 9781644112465

Translated from ancient manuscripts, Anderson’s new interpretation restores the feminine essence of the Tao Te Ching. It includes commentary for each of the 81 chapters that reveals the Tao as a feminine force, the Dark Womb of Creation, and the Immortal Void renewing life again and again in ordinary times and in times of crisis.


Sep/Oct 2020

The Holy Conspiracy
By Kristi Saare Duarte
Conspicuum Press, Book, 292 Pages, Soft Cover, $14.99
ISBN: 978-0-9971807-4-9
After the brutal execution of Jesus, his disciples gather in Jerusalem to continue spreading his teachings of oneness with God. One day, a stranger named Saul approaches them with a wild tale of Jesus risen from death as the Savior and Messiah. The disciples are shocked. Their beloved teacher was just a humble man, not a divine being. When Saul insists, a bitter battle of faith ensues. But how can these poor, uneducated disciples keep Jesus’s legacy alive in a world of treachery and deceit, where the rich and powerful always prevail? Read an excerpt of the novel online at www.wisdom-magazine.com

Nov/Dec 2020

The Heart Path Oracle Cards
By Nadine Gordon-Taylor

Bear & Company
53 full-color cards and 128-page full-color book
Soft Cover, $30. ISBN: 9781591433903


Beautifully illustrated with images of animals, birds, insects, plants, esoteric symbols, and transformative myths from around the world, this 53 full-color card set offers a hands-on way to help you activate and align with loving energies that resonate and confirm your own soul-self. Includes guidebook with in-depth explanations for each card.

Jul/Aug 2020

Psychedelic Consciousness
Daniel Grauer
Park Street Press
Book, 224 Pages, Soft Cover, $16.99
ISBN: 9781644110300

Offering practical steps that we can take to heal ourselves and our fragmented world, Daniel Grauer explores the use of sacred tools and technologies, such as natural psychedelics, meditation, and yoga, to reestablish an ideology of unity, work in symbiotic harmony with the Earth, and restore our world as a sustainable and prosperous whole.

Jul/Aug 2021

The King in Orange
By John Michael Greer

Inner Traditions
Book, 208 pages, $16.99. Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781644112588

Greer convincingly shows how two competing schools of magic were led to contend for the presidency in 2016 and details the magical war that took place behind the scenes of the campaign. Through the influence of a number of occult forces, from Julius Evola to chaos magicians as well as the cult of positive thinking, Greer shows that the main contenders in this magical war were the status quo magical state—as defined by the late scholar Ioan Couliano—which has repurposed the “manipulative magic” techniques of the Renaissance magi into the subliminal techniques of modern advertising, and an older, deeper, and less reasonable form of magic—the “magic of the excluded”—which was employed by chaos magicians and alt-right internet wizards, whose desires coalesced in the form of a frog avatar that led the assault against the world we knew.

May/Jun 2020

Backstage—The Importance of Your Personal Inner Connection
By Elizabeth Joyce

Visions of Reality
Book, 145 Pages. Soft Cover, $21.95

With training and deep insight Elizabeth Joyce offers a profound exploration into the mysteries of the Universe. When the windows and the doors to the universe opened for her, unexpected knowledge leading to a stronger and bolder way of living, opened up to her. She has become a teacher of teachers. While her spiritual and intuitive work is still available to her, this update with her energies has introduced ways of walking through divisive political angst, bringing a brand new way of meditating, self-talk, and creating decisions that bring one forward to new- life changes, walks, and pathways. She is aware and thrilled that a new universal language is being born. All the props and necessary material are here, Backstage, for us to ascend into this new awareness.

Jan/Feb 2021

The Lotus and the Bud
By Christopher S. Kilham
Park Street Press
Book, 192 Pages, Soft Cover, $16.99
 ISBN: 9781620559406
When wisely and thoughtfully combined, cannabis and yoga offer profound benefits. Yoga teacher Chris Kilham offers an illustrated guide to his own system of cannabis yoga. He also looks at the effects of both THC and CBD and provides advice on selecting the right method for your yoga practice.

Nov/Dec 2020

Cultivating Your Microbiome
By Bridgette Shea, L.Ac., MAcOM

Healing Arts Press
Book, 240 Pages, Soft Cover, $16.99
ISBN: 9781620557808


In this holistic guide to cultivating a healthy microbiome and managing gut health naturally, Bridgette Shea explores digestive functioning from the perspectives of Western science, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine. She presents herbal remedies, acupressure techniques, and dietary methods to restore balance to your gut flora, including a microbiome reset.

Mar/Apr 2021

Beyond the Flower of Life
By Maureen J. St. Germain
Bear & Company,
Book, 288 Pages, Soft Cover, $18.00
ISBN: 9781591434054

Through teaching MerKaBa and Advanced Flower of Life workshops to thousands of students around the world since 1995, Maureen J. St. Germain has developed and channeled specific methods to enhance your meditation practice. In this step-by-step guide, she shares tools, techniques, and knowledge to strengthen your heart connection, develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and elevate and program your MerKaBa field to manifest success, health, happiness, and higher consciousness.

Jul/Aug 2020

The Awakening, Creating A New Way of Being
By Sage Walker
Jet Launch Publishing Co.
Book, 125 Pages, Soft Cover, $14.99
ISBN: 978-1-64184-238-9
Purchase on Amazon

One day I found old messages I did not remember writing. A voice told me that they were a way to assist people in changing their lives. All of us go through struggles and listen to old voices telling us we did something wrong. These are always on continuous play in our minds with statements like,” What did I do wrong?”, “This is all there is.” or “This is what I deserve.” These spiritual verses are a way for us to grow, change, and bring new beliefs into our lives. We then find dreams and enjoy life. Read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com



Artists: Haleya Priest & Thom Levy

CD, 40 Mins., From $8.98 CD


This guided meditation was created to help people go into the deepest possible connection and resonance with the Angelic realm. Together Haleya and Thom weave a tapestry of words and music in tune with the higher dimensions. You will be guided through a mystical forest to a magical pond and then up to the Angelic Realm where you’ll receive a healing from an Angelic guide and several Archangels. There they will clear your chakras and help restore you to health and well-being, while helping release past life karma and restore your sacred grid. It is a sacred healing passage that you can experience again and again to deepen you sense well being and wholeness.


EMBRACE YOUR EMOTIONS AS YOUR ALLIES: A Personal Development Experiential
By Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive

Self-published, CD, 30 minutes, $14.00
ISBN CD:  884501817189

Internationally recognized Medical Intuitive Sue Singleton’s warm and engaging techniques empower people to embrace their emotions as allies instead of conflicted enemies. What if you could harness the unique hidden gifts of your emotions and put them to work helping you? Imagine the new sense of freedom, joy, inner peace and confidence this would bring to your life! Sue shows you how to do this, in a transformative experiential that includes instructions, examples and exercises. The meditative exercises are accompanied by soothing sounds of evening peepers and bird songs. Sue Singleton’s techniques create true emotional alchemical changes.

By Ellen Sypowicz and Lou Gilio
CD,  $17.95 (includes shipping and handling)

What they’re saying about Many Blessings: 
”The ethereal artistry of Many Blessings… takes you on a deeply spiritual interior journey. The lyrics of the songs range from sublimely beautiful to cleverly humorous. Singer-songwriters Ellen Sypowicz and Lou Gilio perform with sensitivity and passion. This CD celebrates the inherent divinity of the individual while awakening the listener to the truth… we are One.” - CG
”Ellen’s amazing voice and Ellen and Monty’s holy guitar sounds transfer us to another place… heaven. Lou’s harmonies vibrate in a majestic way mixed with a variety of new age sounds beginning with the ‘eternal OM’ and ending with the sound of the Crystal Bowl. They not only aim at the heart but the soul of us all.”  - LM

By Bernadette Yao
CD, 61 minutes
$20.00 CD
$9.99 Digital Download

Calming, relaxing one hour of ambient music designed to create a gentle atmosphere of caring and healing. With a soothing flow of beautiful melodic harmonies, this album creates a space of peace and compassion for the listener.  Music composed by a certified energy healer (Reiki, Brennan Healing Science). 1 hour of ambient instrumentals, quiet, deeply healing, gently providing a healing template for relaxation, meditation, pain reduction, coming back to authentic self, connecting to Divine Source, and remembering the Sacred.  Useful for preparing for (and during) surgery to aid in the healing process.  Listen to a sample at www.bernadetteyao.com/music

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